Meet the Carvers

picture PRO DIVISION Terry Ahola - 2008 First Place, Pro Division,
People & Carver's Choice Awards
Grants Pass, Oregon (541) 441-1659
Terry started carving in 1996 when he lived in Big Bear, CA. From that point on he has worked full time carving. He sold his carvings at arts and crafts fairs in the Southern California area. From 1999-2002 he carved onsite at Knotts Berry Farm for the Christmas Craft Show which ran from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Eve. In 2003, Lake Arrowhead, CA experienced a severe draught and a bark beetle problem. Terry stopped doing arts and craft shows at that time and worked in Lake Arrowhead for 1 ? years doing onsite stump carvings ranging from 16-36 feet tall and 24-48 inches in diameter. In 2006 Terry and his girlfriend bought property in Oregon, built their home and now he figures it is time to give the competition thing a try.

Jordan Anderson
Anchorage, Alaska (907) 230-0812
Jordan Anderson grew up in small town Minnesota on Pokegama Lake where he learned to appreciate the wonders of nature, by fishing, hunting, and camping in the northland. While at home after hunting and fishing season, Jordan would reflect on his experiences by sketching wildlife such as deer, bears, eagles, fish, wolves and others. At age 11 Jordan went on his first trip to Alaska with his family. This was a special trip because Jordan always wanted to see Alaska wild life up close. On his first halibut fishing trip he observed a pod of orcas, about 15 of them swimming alongside the boat and a few breaching humpbacks. "I had never seen anything as amazing. I gained a new appreciation for God's creation." Jordan then began to put his imagination to work on a sketch pad drawing whales in Alaskan scenery. Though sketching was enjoyable, he lost interest for artwork around age 16. He then only sketched once or twice a year. He worked with his father, Greg Anderson, on log homes. However, he did not share the same enthusiasm for log home building. Still, Jordan learned the skills of using a chainsaw.

After he moved to Alaska, at around age 19, Jordan met a guy who made chainsaw carvings, mostly bears. He decided he would use his chainsaw skills to carve whales. A few woodchips and some saw dust later, he had carved a 14 foot long orca out of a piece of Alaskan Yellow Cedar. This is still Jordan's largest carving to date. He carved smaller whales and other sea life and had them displayed in a coffee shop in Anchorage, Alaska. A couple from Wasilla, Alaska were interested in having him carve some bears, so he had his first custom order. He then began to really start his business and named it Jordan's Custom Sculptures. In the following 3 years Jordan carved hundreds of custom orders for Alaskans and tourists as far away as Germany. Jordan carved everything from bears holding signs to elaborate outdoor benches to interior wall carvings. He's also carved dogs from people's dog portraits, community art projects, and sports mascots. Truly anyone's imagination could become a reality at Jordan's Custom Sculptures.

Steve Backus
Clinton, Washington (360) 579-3574
Steve has been carving a long time. Steve has carved at the Chainsaw Sculpting Championship in Reedsport for 9 of the last 10 years. He's really glad that he has a place to get together with other creatures of his art. He says, "Many thanks to the City of Reedsport, and the king of contests, reedsportia." Steve Backus, a friendly giant and loyal servant to the art.

Donald Benson
Olympia, Washington (360) 705-1137
Donald began carving in November of 2006. He was looking for a place to carve and on a fluke he met Dave Westberg in February of 2007. "I worked for Dave for about six months. During that time he taught me a few things, but the time spent watching him carve was invaluable." He says Reedsport is a blast and looks forward to participating this year "Just want to come and play."

Fred Bero
Bybee, Tennessee (423) 465-2141
Fred is a 30 year veteran of the chainsaw carving art. He is one of the founding members of the Cascade Chainsaw Sculptors Guild. Fred is a two time winner at Westport and winner of the World Championship in 2004. Now he travels the country at will seeing the sites and having fun with son, Nick.

Nick Bero
Bybee, Tennessee (423) 465-2141
Nick has grown up watching his father, Fred Bero, carve. It is not surprise that Nick grew up to be a carver. He has been carving for the past 16 years and uses the flexibility of the art to travel the country with his father. They have been traveling and carving together for the past 10 years.

Tim Burgess
Cheshire, England
Tim has been chainsaw carving for four years in the north-west of England. He comes from a background of carving smaller items (and rocking horses) as a hobby.

Mark Chavez
Albuquerque, New Mexico (505) 294-2650
Mark is a retired firefighter now carving part-time and volunteering for disaster relief. "I have been carving for 11 years but seriously for six years. This is my first time on the Northwest Coast famous for chainsaw sculptures." Mark is looking forward to learning a lot from the famous veteran carvers carving in Reedsport.

Mark Colp - 2008 Third Place, Pro Division
Lakeport, California (707)) 349-1291
Mark was raised in a family of carvers. His father, Don, is one of the early carvers and passed the art down to several of his sons. Mark has made it to the Echo Cup finals in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Mark is consistently one of the top placing carvers in Reedsport. He is sponsored by Golden Eagle Distributing and ECHO- USA. Mark is one of four members on the ECHO-USA Carving Team.

Chris Foltz - 2008 First Place,
Semi-Pro Division
North Bend, Oregon (541) 756-1819
Chris has been an ice carver for the past four years. Just three years ago, in April, 2006 Chris started wood carving. Chris is owner of Bigfoot Designs. After Reedsport last year, Chris took Third Place at Milton Freewater. He also took First Place in the Pro Division in a Canadian show. 2009 was Chris' 2nd year taking a Gold Medal in Ice Sculpting at the American Culinary Federation Competition in Medford, Oregon. Chris did Memorial Carvings for Bandon Ducks, and carved in Sedro Woolley and Deming, Washington, and the Coos County Fair.

Matt Hambrook
La Center, Washington (360) 624-4758
Matt is a self taught carver. He first started carving with a chainsaw fifteen years ago. You can see his art work exhibited in several galleries throughout Washington and Oregon. Matt took First Place and People's Choice in the Semi-Pro division in Ocean Shores, Washington in 2006. That same year, he then went on to win First Place and People's Choice as a Pro at Logs to Frogs.

Mark Herrington
Wilkeson, Washington (253) 632-6275
2008 Second Place, Pro Division
Mark has been carving for five years. He sculptures full time at his country home in Carbonado, Washington near Mt. Rainer. Mark currently has inventory at Elkhead Brewery in Buckley, WA. and in The Bear in a Box in Allyn, WA. Mark is a Pro-Carver taking Second Place last year in Reedsport which put him in the 2008 Echo Cup where he placed Sixth. His specialty is a range of Wildlife Sculptures: Sport fish, beautiful benches and, of course, bears! His sixteen year old son, Colby, is an upcoming carver as well.

Steven Higgins
Northport, Washington (915) 540-9641
"At age 11, I knew I wanted to be a woodcarver. I was given the opportunity to apprentice under Conrad Sandoval. Although I still work with Conrad, many of the other carvers have taken me under their wing to help make me the sculptor and young man I am today. Thank you for coming to see us and I look forward to this year's competition."

Brian Holt
Willits, California (707) 784-6293
Brian has been carving for over fifteen years and has enjoyed every minute of it. He hopes to still be carving with everybody for another 15 years.

Roland Karl
Dobra, Germany
Roland has been carving with his chainsaw since 1998 as a hobby and since 2006 as a full time carver. His occupation is a logger. In 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 he participated in Ridgway. He participated in Reedsport in 2006, 2007, and 2008. He has also participated in Toie, Japan and Ocean Shores. He won First Place in the Semi-Pro Division in Reedsport in 2006. He says: "My style is an unusual one: comic, animals, humans, stories, legends, and myths." He welcomes you to visit his web site

Bob King
Edgewood, Washington (253) 845-2115
Bob has been the winner of the Echo Cup Series three years in a row. He has won the English Open two times and Germany once. Bob is one of four members on the ECHO-USA Carving Team.

Gerard Krimmer
Coquille, Oregon (541) 396-5865
Simplicity, Harmony, & Order
Nature reveals these laws to those who seek. For Gerald Krimmer it means a daily pursuit, seeking to constitute the truth of these principles.
Beauty, Balance, & Meaning
What boundless challenges face creativity when one attempts to materialize thought. SCULPTURE - a Path, a Journey, a Life - Pressed by inward soul, putting forth energy to create, and with this, happiness.
Born in 1959, this redhead identical twin saw the world from many focal points. His father, being in the military, assured the family of a wide array of venues. The Southwest, East and West Coast and the Northwest were part of his youth. So also were four years spent in Panama. With the Panama Canal, came an opportunity to see art items from around the world.
This cornucopia of creativity established validity in Gerard's mind that ART is a vital and necessary part of any healthy society. And this, in turn has led Gerard to devote the last decade to finding and expressing life in rock, stone and wood.
To select a piece of stone or wood and attack it, pouring forth energy, capturing in it a life before work ceases, is a challenge. The concept of going from mind to the carving block without the use of models but rather inspiration, and intuition is what Gerry enjoys most. This is called direct carving.
The fact that each sculpture is subtractively carved means that every one of Gerard's carvings are one of a kind creations. This labor intensive art assures an Integrity, a Solidity, and a Response to the fast paced synthetic world.
Given an opportunity to live with Gerard's Sculpture, one will over the course of time, develop an affection and respect to the life of the sculpture.

Jacob Lucas
Bonney Lake, Washington (253) 223-1432
Jacob got his first saw and began carving at the age of thirteen. Twelve years later, Jacob attended a carving school offered by George Kenny and this lead him to become a full-time carver. "As a full-time carver, I am now much more comfortable in my skin and I cannot see myself in the 9-5 corporate world. Carving is me, I am a carver."

James Lukinic
Alpine, California (619) 916-8459
James was born and raised in the upper northwest. He began his chainsaw carving while in a logging camp in Alaska over 20 years ago. An accomplished arborist by trade, he has always seen the little critters in the branches and in the knots in the trees. He owns White Wolf Tree service which specializes in difficult tree removals, lacing, and crown reduction. James can restore a diseased tree by creating a one of a kind art piece.
The past five years he has made his way into the craft show circuit with great reception from the public in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Some of his work is carved from logs of the trees that he has removed. However, he does custom carvings on site as well. He does totem, mantel carving, furniture pieces, etc. James has donated his time demonstrating his skill for the town of Alpine on Earth Day, April 25, 2009. He has made a carving donation of a 6' carved Silvertipped Gorilla to Lions, Tigers & Bears. He has participated in "Wild in the Country" May 9, 2009, and the Kiwanis "Vintage Alpine" May 3, 2009 silent auction benefiting the children of San Diego County, donating a carved bear setting butterfly's free.
James recently relocated back to San Diego County with his wife, Marilyn to the town of Alpine. He has been accepted as a working artist and member to the Spanish Village Artists Guild, Balboa Park, San Diego.
James will be one of the three featured sculptures demonstrating at ART SPLASH 2009, Carlsbad California. James will be traveling to Reedsport Oregon June 18th-21st for professional chainsaw carving competition, then on to Ocean Shores, Washington June 26th- 28th.

Wayne Lyon
Lakeport, California (707) 367-3764
Bears, Bears, Bears
Wayne is well known for his bear fountain carvings. Wayne says, "Let's put it this way, having a career in chainsaw carving is not easy. It is a lot of fun and you can make life come out of a piece of wood." Wayne has been carving for 15 years and credits Mark Colp as his teacher.

Chris Meyers
For fourteen years Chris has been using a chainsaw to create. When asked how he got started his answer was, "curiosity and a chainsaw". This will be Chris's 5th year competing here in Reedsport.

Kazunori Ota
Gifu, Japan
Kazunori has been a chainsaw carver for six years. He has taken part in Ridgeway, Westport, Australia, and many competitions in Japan. Last year was his first time in Reedsport. "Reedsport was beautiful, comfortable climate, delicious food, good staff and kind people. I am very happy to be here again."

Angie Polglaze
Hailing from Australia, Angie is excited to be returning to Reedsport for the Chainsaw Carving for her 7th year, and she is looking forward to catching up with old friends, and making new ones. A popular and colorful competitor, she took Fourth place in the Intermediate division back in 2002 and Third place carving as a Pro in 200 with her wind-up Clown Girl Creation. Angie has traveled extensively with her art, creating her magic, not only at home but also in Japan, Germany, Holland, Canada, the UK and across the United States, winning many awards along the way.

Caleb Rusk
Gates, Oregon (503) 897-3137
This will be Caleb's third year competing in Reedsport. He is a tree faller who does carving for the love and fun of it.

John Schulz
McCall, Idaho (208) 634-1827
John has been a chainsaw carver for 17 years.

Katsuhiro Suganuma
Toyokawa, Aichi Japan
It is his last year to start and to participate in the event in Reedsport. He participated in Ridgeway in the midwinter. He says Ridgeway is very cold.
He likes Reedsport in June and says the climate is very wonderful and he likes doing the carving of the large wood and thinks the food is delicious.

Nyal Thomas
Sedro Woolley, Washington (425) 345-9621
Nyal's has 28 years in carving game and has been in the top 10 at Reedsport three out of five times. Nyal has put on several contests in California including introducing Brad Sharp into the carver's world at Point Arena in 1999. He is really glad to be returning to Reedsport and the great community it is.

Bruce Thor
Kent, Washington (253) 850-7584
Bruce graduated from high school in 1982 and in 2008 he returned to his Alma Mata to carve a 15 foot redwood. Bruce has been Vice President of the Chainsaw Carvers Guild. He took Second Place at the Sand and Sawdust Festival in Ocean Shores, WA and has traveled to Pennsylvania to compete in the Blueknob Valley Chainsaw Carving Competition. Bruce is looking forward to this year's event in Reedsport.

Robert Tidwell
St. Helen, Oregon (503) 366-0926
Robert enjoys carving and creating new things. It's fun to do competitions and see other carvers work. He has a shop on Oregon Highway #30 by the Longview Bridge.

Dave Tremko
Sequim, Washington (360) 681-2528
Most people who have followed the show over the years remember Dave as the carver that carved the fisherman in 2002. He has several videos on the internet, You Tube, he has shot of chainsaw carving.

Akio Utsu
Ichihara City, Japan
Kazunori has been a chainsaw carver for six years. He has taken part in Ridgeway, Westport, Australia, and many competitions in Japan where he has taken open class victories as well as people's choice and master choice awards. Last year was his first time in Reedsport. "Reedsport was beautiful, comfortable climate, delicious food, good staff and kind people. I am very happy to be here again."

Tomas Vrba
Everett, Washington (206) 227-4818
Tomas studied classical woodcarving and wood design at an art trade school in his native country of Slovakia. He went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Stone Sculpture Restoring and a master degree in Wood Sculpture Restoring. Working for several years on some of the finest buildings in Vienna, love brought him to the Northwest. Tomas has now returned to his roots and has a sculpting studio where he carves in wood and stone.

Dave Whitbeck
Poulsbo, WA (360) 340-0745
Dave has been carving for 11 years. Four years ago he earned a place in the ECHO cup finals in Louisville, Kentucky. This will be his 5th year competing in the Reedsport event.
Reedsport, Oregon (541) 271-0627
Ryan began his carving career in 2005 when he was apprenticed by Trace Breitenfeldt. After his first competition in Ocean Shores, WA, he was instantly hooked on the sport! Ryan has participated in the Reedsport competition every year since 2006. He graduated from Reedsport High School in 2007. 2008 was a highlight year for him when he placed First every day in the quick carve here in Reedsport, then went to Ocean Shores and placed Second in the Semi-Pro Division. After the summer competitions, Ryan advanced his skills by working with Brad Sharp and Mark Colp as well as competing in several winter carving events. He is ready and excited to be back in his hometown

Wyatt Castaneda
Reedsport, Oregon (541) 337-9414
Wyattt has been helping his dad, Tom Castaneda at the Rusty Frog Gallery in Winchester Bay for the past several years. He has started carving solo the beginning of this year. He is looking forward to this experience and is excited to carve!

Bryce Dotson
Reedsport, Oregon (541) 271-0627
Bryce just finished his sophomore year at Reedsport High School. He has been carving for two years, being helped by his older brother Ryan Anderson. Last year Bryce saw his first success at Ocean Shores where he placed Second and Third in the quick carve event but the highlight was when he took Second and his brother, Ryan, took Third! (ha-ha!) Bryce first participated in the Reedsport competition in 2007, after being apprenticed by Vern Sharp. He learns a lot at the competitions and is excited to be here again this year.

Tim Eacrett
University Park, Washington (253) 460-7067
Tim has carved in Reedsport in 2007 and 2008. He carves for fun, not a livelihood, and that's a good thing. "I won't starve that way."

Kim Gernhardt
Napa, California (707) 224-9573
Tim has been carving for three years. His specialties are little Santa's, fishermen and fish stuff, and egrets. He is getting into larger pieces of wood for bears, dogs, horse heads, eagle reliefs, and a huge one piece redwood bench for the City of Napa. He is excited to be carving with the best in Reedsport this year after watching the entire show in 2008.

Kelly Hamilton
Independence, Oregon (503) 881-3969
This will be Kelly's third year competing in Reedsport. "I have been enjoying myself, carving mostly as a hobby and giving my carvings to family and friends. I always look forward to seeing the amazing carvings produced in four days of competition."

Jim Heldt
Auburn, Washington (253) 833-5952
Jim Heldt has been carving now for 3 years. With the influence from family and other fellow carvers, this self taught carver has come to enjoy the fine art of chainsaw carving. With the advice from other carvers, Jim has learned to turn a log into a creative work of art. Jim states, "I have a lot to learn yet and want to thank those that have helped me along the way. Between the fun, fellowship and the learning from other carvers, this is a great hobby to have! Jimbo's Chainsaw Carvings is the name of this up and coming carvers business.

Jerry Heneger
Maple Falls, Washington (360) 599-3365
"My name is Jerry Heneger and I go by "oneleggedninja". I am 55 years old and lost my left leg in an industrial accident. I have been carving since 2002. I hail from Maple Falls, Washington which is about 12 miles from the Canadian border and 30 miles or so east of Bellingham, Washington. I like to carve wildlife. I really believe if you follow your heart you will always be happy in life. Good luck to all."

Colby Herrington - 2008 Second Place,
Semi-Pro Division
Wilkeson, Washington (253) 632-6275
Colby is in his 3rd official year being a carver at the age of 16. Taking lessons from his dad, Mark Herrington, Colby is a quick and upcoming artist. Colby has traveled to many shows assisting his dad and now, instead of a rake, he has a chainsaw in his hands, competing on the heels of his peers. Last year in Reedsport he was awarded Second Place for his incredible talent. His specialties include owls, bears, and fish. Colby is in the Semi-Pro Division for now, but look out as he is quick on his heels to saw ya up!

Rob McElfresh
Longview, Washington (360) 423-0490
This will be Rob's 8th year carving in Reedsport. Rob has enjoyed every year at the competitions. He looks forward to competing and meeting new people. Rob thanks the staff and the town of Reedsport for all the hard work they put into making this show a success. "Good Luck to everyone this year!"

John Phillips
Junction City, Oregon (541) 998-3005
John has been carving for two years. He has watched carvers and picked up the art form from them. He has wanted to compete because he has a talent that needs to be satisfied and he is looking forward to learn from this experience.

Wade Phillips
Seal Rock, Oregon (541) 563-2089
Wade has been carving for 20 years and has helped a lot of carvers pursue their talents. He is still working on furthering his talents, too.
Marty Smith
Suquamish, Washington (360) 598-4552
Marty started carving 4 years ago to help his daughter through college. He is happy to report: his daughter is a senior and will graduate in June. Marty has met many new friends at these events and has enjoyed spending time with them. He has competed in Reedsport and the Sand and Sawdust Festival in Ocean Shores, WA both in 2007 and 2008. Marty competed in Gridley, CA. at the Butte County Fair in 2008; he has carved at Port Gamble's Old Mill Days in both 2007 and 2008, at Hills to Mills in Deming, WA., and at Irrigation Days in Sequim, WA. He looks forward again to competing in Reedsport this year.

Nick Smith
Albuquerque, New Mexico (505) 296-8685
Nick is fifteen years old and has been carving for 2 years. This will be
Nick's first time competing in Reedsport. In May, Nick competed in his first
competition at Smoky Bear Days in Capitan, N.M. and placed 4th. He is
looking forward to carving in Reedsport.
Kevin Strauslin
Eugene, Oregon (541) 954-7874
Kevin began carving while working in his original trade, dry walling. He sculptured and carved using gypsum materials such as drywall and mud. He pushed it to the limits artistically, but always felt he could not do what he really wanted with the materials. He started playing around with chainsaw carving in 2004. Moving to Eugene in 2006 he started carving with chisels. In 2008 he started working with a local carver and by the end of the year had taken over the shop and began his own carving business. Carving comes natural to Kevin. He feels this is his true calling and is very excited to join the competition this year.

Carrie Yuen
Dalscote Northants, United Kingdom
Carrie is coming from the United Kingdom to compete in Reedsport this year. Although she has carved for less than two years she participated in the European Echo Cup Championships in 2008 held in the UK. Carrie competed in the Wales Woodfest Event this year.